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DUC Study Programmes Vedic Sciences

1]DUC Educational Centre/Dutch University College offers 2 Study Programmes:

* Consultant Vedic Astrology

* Consultant Ayurveda Holistic Health Care

2] Dutch University College - Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation (HAMF)

In August 2013 Dutch University College/DUC Educational Centre established a cooperation with Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation PUO (HAMF) in Budapest. Dutch University College/DUC Educational Centre is an Institute for (post)-Higher Education and Vocational Trainings and a non profit foundation launched in 2004 in Deventer, the Netherlands.

The DUC-foundation has the following objectives:

  • the positioning within the Netherlands of a political/religious independent institute for (post)-higher education
  • the development, organization and offering of vocational trainings and programmes in distance education in a.o. the disciplines: social sciences, cultural and religious studies, western and non-western health sciences, psychology and philosophy, with the help of available educational methods and means of communication
  • organizing residential courses, workshops, in-company trainings and lectures
  • issuing of recognised and accredited DUC-Bachelor/Master-level certificates and diplomas
  • promotion of research in the area of the disciplines mentioned above
  • cooperation with other educational institutes with an international scope.

Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation was founded in 1996, with the aim of providing the necessary scientific background for introducing the knowledge of the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda to Hungary, disseminating its teachings amongst health experts and everyone interested in keeping healthy and fit, in order to elevate the health-level of Hungarian people.

Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation , is allowed to offer their programmes of (online) study, complying to the standards of the DUC Educational Centre/Dutch University College. The diplomas are issued by DUC/HAMF to the students upon completion of the course.


Will_Dubbeling Assoc. Prof. William Dubbeling MA Ed., PhD Comp.Ed.
Drs. Cultural and Social Anthropology (Radboud University - Nijmegen)
MA Education (Intercultural Open University - Drachten)
PhD Comparative Education (IOU Drachten)
Associate Professor (Intercultural Open University: Dean of Undergraduate Studies)

DUC Executive Coordinator

Kush VisserAssistant Prof. Kush Visser
Master of Arts in Law
DUC Educational Centre Assistant Professor and Fellow
International expert/consultant Vedic Sciences/author

HAMF Executive Coordinator

Agnes BerenyiAgnes Berényi
Master of Science (Ec)

Commercial & Marketing Director of Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation and Garuda Trade Ltd.

DUC Faculty Members/Visiting Professors:

Istvan RieszDr. Istvan Riesz
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation of Public Utility PUO

Ivan Szalkai Dr. Iván Szalkai
Medical doctor, Acupuncture Ayurveda
Organizer and leader of the Oriental Medical Centre Budapest

Dr. Maria Oberkamp Dr. Mária Oberkamp
Ayurvedic doctor, Panchakarma, Oriental Medical Centre Budapest//DUC University College Teaching & Research Fellow

Kush VisserAss. Prof. Kush Visser
Master of Arts in Law
DUC Educational Centre Assistant Professor and Fellow
International expert/consultant Vedic Sciences/author