On the basis of the Affiliation Agreement between DUC and BSA, Blue Star Academy presents:

Academic Study Program

in  Vedic Sciences

A Research into the Deeper Meaning of the Vedas and their Practical Applications

This (post) HBO-study program on Vedic Sciences is composed for disciplined and motivated students and adults who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding of the Vedic Sciences. The Vedas are the oldest records of wisdom pertaining to human existence and evolution. Nearly one billion people throughout the world consider these writings to be sacred. At the same time the Vedas are the least understood and accessible of all ancient holy texts. In spite of the fact that there has been extensive commentaries by scientists, philosophers and other scholars, the Vedas remain mystical and confusing for many people.  

Therefore, in this intensive study we deal with the most important Vedic points of view. We learn that the Vedas contain all of the wise teachings necessary to comprehend existence, creation and human evolution and also how we can successfully apply this knowledge into our daily life.

This course consists of twelve modules, whereby each module is again subdivided into study units. The successful completion of each module gives the student a certain number of study points.

The studyprogram has been individualized (enabling one to be flexible in time and intensity) and is an on-line course which has been formulated by the Dutch University College and allows one to study at home. The study can be completed in 1 – 1 ½ year.

One can start anytime with this study.

Teacher/Tutor: Ass. Professor Narada Kush (DUC University College Professor and Teaching & ResearchFellow)

 Prof. Narada Kush is a spiritual teacher & coach, vedic astrologer, writer, ayurvedic consultant, musician. He is an internationally recognized expert in several facets of the ancient Indian culture and tradition of wisdom such as Vedanta, Ayurveda, Yoga-Therapy & Meditation, Vedic Astrology, Vedic Literature (Ramayana & Mahabharata), Vedic Music and Vedic Architecture. He is the author of several books on these topics. He also teaches at universities abroad and is a respected teacher at the Dutch University College.

Costs: Euro 1675,00 for the entire course (inclusive guidance, written work- and thesis assessment, BSA-diploma; excl. study books).

Literature: approx. Euro 150,00

Payment in 3 instalments possible

After enrolment an extensive Study Guide will be sent (pdf) via mail.

Study Program

Since time immemorial there has been a continuous attempt by humanity to comprehend the mysteries of life. There have been many sources of knowledge to draw from. The Vedas are records of the ancient and respected Indian tradition of wisdom.The aim of this study is to obtain insight into the deeper significance found in the Vedic mantras and into the invaluable merits derived from their practical applications into daily life.

Vedic Science is the oldest and most original of all sources which has inspired millions of people throughout the world. Renowned scholars such as Einstein, Max Müller, Schopenhauer and H.P. Blavatsky recognized the Vedas as the highest possible authority with regards to human wisdom. The sacred and original Vedic mantras radiate their light in most subtle detail on all levels of and areas in life. They reveal not only the principles of existence, life and evolution but also the huge applications of these principles. Their value remained indisputable and unattached by the passing of time. The most fundamental remark to be made is that everything originates from the same universal source. This is a fascinating point of great revelation which inspires many souls to enquire more deeply into life’s mysteries. Intensive study of Vedic Sciences enriches one’s personal experiences and gives practical tools how to apply this to daily living successfully.

Study Goals

In this study we look into the deep significance of the Vedas and we study different parts of the Vedic literature. The studyprogram is full of practical knowledge, including various types of yoga: the yoga of inner experience (meditation and breathing exercises), the yoga of devotion (opening the heart chakra) and the yoga of action (skill in action). All parts are complete in themselves and are intimately connected to each other.

Study Points

At the end of each module 10 questions about the study material are given to the student. The answers are sent to the tutor.

At the end of the study a written paper (min. 30 pages) is required.

Successful completion of the academic requirements obtained during the first year of study will yield the following study points:

  • Each module of 84 study hours = 3 study points.
  • The written paper = 98 study hours which = 3 ½ study points.
  • A total of 12 modules x 84 study hours= 1008 study hours = 36 study points +3 ½ = 39 ½ ec's.
  • After completion of the studyprogram an accredited BSA Bachelor-diploma  will be granted.
Event date: 31-12-9999
Available place 10 EB_OF 10
Individual Price € 1,675.00
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