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F A C U L T Y  V E D I C  S C I E N C E S


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European Association for Distance LearningDUC Educational Centre/Dutch University College is a member of the European Association for Distance Learning (EADL)

Logo van World Institute for HinduismDeclaration of Intent: Dutch University College (DUC) and the World Institute for Hinduism (WISH), Singapore, have declared that WISH will host the following DUC-programs for distance education in the territories of South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand:

a. Consultant Vedic Astrology

b. Consultant Ayurveda Holistic Health Care


Characteristics of distance learning

  • Learning by doing
  • Learning by assessment
  • Learning by reading feedback
  • Learner autonomy - taking control of and responsibility for your learning
  • Learning by reflection

"Distance education is based on the premise that students are at the center of the learning process, take responsibility for their own learning, and work at their own pace in their own place. It is about ownership and autonomy". (Wheeler 1999)


E-mail tuition is the central and continuing teaching proces in the DUC system.
Learning through email does not always come easily to the adult student whose previous experience is almost always of conventional face-to-face teaching.
At (post)Bachelor’s level your tutor is responsible for assisting you in developing this novel method of learning.
After some months you should have more confidence and ability to act as an independent learner. It is therefore essential that you should learn at an early stage to develop a dialogue with your course tutor through your tutor-marked assignments (extracts and papers).

The number of these assignments (extracts) is related to the number of study-units per degree programme. There may also be some variation in the length, but whatever the number and length of the assignments, they form the core of your active participation in the programme and the basis on which your course tutor may build a continuing teaching relationship.
The assignments are an integrated educational exercise to help you understand and assimilate the programme material, and in this exercise your course tutor has an important part to play. He is expected to comment (in detail) on the individual assignment sent to him, to respond to your academic problems and to answer queries.
At the same time, of course, assignments are intended to provide evidence to the University of your standard of performance. Thus, in assessing your work, the course tutor has to award grades for each assignment submitted and, since these grades count towards a module credit, it is important that he achieves consistency and objectivity.

Your approach towards your tutor-marked assignments is of great importance. If you consider them as regular tests to be merely graded by your course tutor, you will not be making use of the teaching element of the tutor-marked assignments which the University regards as the their most important function and you will be equipping yourself with the skills which are vital for your general education.

CONSULTANT-THERAPIST Ayurveda Holistic Health Care

DUC Educational Centre is for all courses, vocational trainings & distance education programs and retraining courses registered in the SNRO-Register as 'HBO conform System Accredited Educational Institute'. Registrationnumber SNRO SA

This Academic Study Program on the holistic health approach and applications of Ayurveda is composed for medical students, health practitioners and therapists who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding of Ayurveda, which is an utmost part of Vedic Science.


Event date:
Available place:
10 EB_OF 10
Individual Price:
€ 1,675.00

Dutch University College and Blue Star Academy present:

Academic Study Program

in  Vedic Sciences

A Research into the Deeper Meaning of the Vedas and their Practical Applications


This (post) HBO-study program on Vedic Sciences is composed for students and adults who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding of the Vedic Sciences. The Vedas are the oldest records of wisdom pertaining to human existence and evolution. Nearly one billion people throughout the world consider these writings to be sacred. At the same time the Vedas are the least understood and accessible of all ancient holy texts. In spite of the fact that there has been extensive commentaries by scientists, philosophers and other scholars, the Vedas remain mystical and confusing for many people.

CONSULTANT Vedic Astrology

DUC Educational Centre is for all courses, vocational trainings & distance education programs and retraining courses registered in the SNRO-Register as 'HBO conform System Accredited Educational Institute'. Registrationnumber SNRO SA


The Veda’s are the unique heritage of the ancient tradition of Indian wisdom. They do not only contain all knowledge of existence and evolution, but they also offer many practical applications, including the original approach of Vedic Astrology. In this Vocational Training of Vedic Astrology we are taught both spiritual and practical skills in order to function as a consultant in this fascinating field. We will learn with that part of the Indian Astrology that involves analysis and prediction based on the Vedic birthchart. This implies that we will be learning extensively about the characteristics of the planets, zodiacal signs and houses and the varied effects that their interactions have on our lifes.